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The Horticultural Plant Biology and Metabolomics Center published a paper in PNAS

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On March 27th, PNAS published online the latest research achievement of the research team of Professor Wu Shuang, the Thousand Talents Professor of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee of FAFU, which titled 《Symplastic communication spatially directs local auxin biosynthesis to maintain root stem cell niche in Arabidopsis》. It was the second paper published in PNAS by professor Wu Shuang with FAFU as the signature unit of the first author since one year.

FAFU was the only signature unit of the paper. Dr. Liu Yuting was the first author and Prof.Wu Shuang was the corresponding author of the paper. The postgraduate students Xu Meizhi, Liang Nengsong, Yu Qiaozhi and the undergraduate student ZhengYanghang also participated in the research work.

The authors found that symplastic signaling was essential for local auxin biosynthesis, which acts together with auxin polar transport to provide the guidance for local auxin enrichment. The study illustrated the crucial role of cell-to-cell communication in the stem cell niche (SCN) maintenance and uncovered a mechanism by which symplastic signaling initiates and reinforces the positional information during stem cell maintenance via auxin regulation.

Correspondant/Photogragher: Haixia Institute of Science and Technology

Translator: Zheng Wei

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