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FAFU Releases Latest Achievements in Peanut Genomics Study

福建农林大学(英文版)   发布时间: 2019-05-16   信息员:

In the morning of May 5th, a press conference was held in Changsheng Conference Center to release the latest significant achievements made by Professor Zhuang Weijian and his team on the study of peanut genome. The research paper, entitled The Genome of Cultivated Peanut Provides Insight into Legume Karyotypes, Polyploid Evolution and Crop Domestication, is published online in Nature Genetics. This research has ciphered for the first time the whole-genome of tetraploid peanut, marking China's leading position in relevant research fields like the genome of cultivated peanut, the evolution of peanut chromosome, legume karyotype evolution, the genetic variation of peanut as well as the origin and domestication of peanut.

This paper is a joint academic achievement finished by FAFU and 23 other research institutes including ICRISAT, Research Institute of Bioscience of Nextomics Bioscience, North China University of Technology, etc. The findings will aid mapping and candidate-gene discovery and large-scale genome editing, facilitate understanding of genome architecture and accelerate crop improvement as well as provide insights into peanut genome architecture, trait biology, evolution and domestication.

A view of the press conference

  Lan Siren, the president of FAFU, made a speech

The academician Xie Hua’an made a speech

Professor Zhuang Weijian introduced major scientific discoveries and answered questions from reporters

Academician Rajeev K.Varshney delivered a speech at the conference  

Present at the press conference were Xie Hua’an, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Rajeev K.Varshney, academician of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Lan Siren, president of FAFU and Zheng Baodong, vice president of FAFU. Authorities and representatives from some provincial departments also attended the press conference. Professor Zhuang Weijian, the team leader of peanut genome research and relevant cooperation counterparts also attended the conference, which was chaired by Mr. Zheng Baodong, vice president of FAFU.



Correspondant: Publicity Department   Sui Fanghua

Photogragher: Jinshan College   Liu Jianrong  

Translator: College of Humanities and LawChen Xin

Revision: College of Humanities and LawChen Jun

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