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Young teacher of College of Transportation and Civil Engineering published his research achievement in the《International Journal of Project Management》

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The《International Journal of Project Management》(SSCI Expanded, IF=2.885), published recently the paper of Dr. Wang Yinglin, the young teacher of College of Transportation and Civil Engineering of FAFU, titled 《Evaluation of the excess revenue sharing ratio in PPP projects using principal–agent models》. The paper represents one of the important achievements of FAFU in SSCI. Dr. Wang Yinglin was the first author, and FAFU was the signature unit of the first author.
The paper, through model analysis, discovered that when the government determined the allocation proportion of excess income, it also paid attention on the important information of the fairness preference of investors beside the operational capability of enterprise. The income utility function of government increased with the increase of fairness preference of investors, therefore cooperating with the investors of high fairness preference was the best choice of the government. In addition, when cooperating with investors of high fairness preference, the risk undertaken by the government was limited. This conclusion was of great significance for government department to guarantee the quota settings.
The《International Journal of Project Management》 is one of the authoritative journals in the field of project management, and also an international renowned journal recognized by National Natural Science Foundation of China. It’s5-yearjournal Impact Factor is 3.411.


Correspondant/Photogragher:  College of Transportation and Civil Engineering

Translator: Zheng Wei

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