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FAFU Stages “College Week” Gala
College of Management (College of Tourism) holds “New Era for China” & “College Week” Gala

福建农林大学(英文版)   发布时间: 2019-04-24   信息员:

In the evening of March 31st, College of Management (College of Tourism) held “New Era for China” & “College Week” Gala in the university auditorium. The gala marked the beginning of the “College Week” activity which took the form of artistic creation and art performance to sing the praise of the new era of China. University cadres including Yan Jinjing, Lan Siren, Zhuang Xiangsheng, Zeng Huaping and Qiu Yinglong attended the event. The net broadcast of the gala was aired on the screens of Athlete Field (North) of Jinshan Campus, Qishan Campus and Anxi Campus.

chorus Bloom

drum presentation The Beat of FAFU

dance Maritime Folk Song

musical medley

chorus I Love You, China

cheerleading Vibrant Youth

solo okay

fashion presentation Sweet Life

Tibetan dance The Nature

dramatic recitation I am with My Motherland

The gala began with chorus Bloom, followed by drum presentation The Beat of FAFU , musical medley, dance Maritime Folk Song and other art performances. The highlight of the gala was the chorus I Love You, China  by all counsellors of FAFU which promoted students and teachers’ patriotism. Cheerleading Vibrant Youth, fashion presentation Sweet Life, solo okay presented the vitality and enthusiasm of the students. Tibetan dance The Nature unfolded the picturesque natural scenery of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the audience. With touching lyrics and marvelous performance, the dramatic recitation I am with My Motherland (《我和祖国在一起》) pictured the scene of students and teachers’ social practice for rural vitalization and expressed their patriotism and expectations for the country. The gala ended in chorus My Country and I.

cadres with performers

group photo

The gala was highly complimented by the teachers and students. The “College Week” activity began in March and would be held throughout the year. Every week, one of the colleges would conduct an art presentation to all the teachers and students in FAFU. The well-received and outstanding performances of the art presentations will be selected as programs in a universal-level gala to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China and the 83rd anniversary of FAFU. Cadres from all departments and colleges as well as representatives of teachers and students will watch the gala.

Correspondant: Publicity Department  Sui Fanghua

Photogragher: Publicity Department  Zheng Qirong     Jinshan College   Liu Jianrong

Translator:College of Humanities and Law  Lin Qiaolu

Revision: College of Humanities and Law  Lu Hanyang

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