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The Dean of College of Agriculture of Dalhousie University Dr. David Gray and his entourage visited FAFU

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In the morning of March 12th, the President Lan Siren and vice President Huang Yanhe met with Dr. David Gray, the Dean of College of Agriculture of Dalhousie University in Canada and his entourages.

Lan Siren, on behalf of FAFU, expressed warm welcome to the visit of Dr. David Gray and his entourages, and expressed thanks to the long-time support of Dalhousie University to the FAFU-Dalhousie Program. He said that, FAFU and Dalhousie University had a long time and rich cooperative history, the three FAFU-Dalhousie Programs co-hosted by FAFU and Dalhousie University were all being smoothly carried out. He hoped that the two universities could strengthen the cooperation in aspects of graduate students and doctoral students in the foundation of the intrinsic bachelor’s degree programs, start the joint agricultural doctoral promotion and intercollegiate exchange program as soon as possible, and do a good job in the preparation of joint application of master and doctoral Sino-foreign educational cooperation programs, further improve the level of cooperation in running schools between the two universities. President Lan Siren thought that, the double campus mode was beneficial to develop the international landscape architecture talents who can interconnect both the eastern and western landscape architecture theoretical knowledge.

The Director David Gray highly appreciated and thanked the strong support of the leaders of FAFU to the FAFU-Dalhousie Program. He introduced the latest progress in the discipline and teacher team construction of landscape architecture of Dalhousie University, and recommended the new deputy director in charge of the international exchanges of College of Agriculture and the professional teacher of landscape architecture Dr. Gerard Versteeg. He said that the students of FAFU studying in the“3+1” Bachelor’s Degree Program in Landscape and Architecture of FAFU and Dalhousie University, could through another two years’ overseas study to obtain the master’s degree in Landscape and Architecture of Dalhousie University. He expressed his hope of recruiting and appointing President Lan Siren as a visiting professor of College of Agriculture of Dalhousie University, and invited President Lan Siren to visit College of Agriculture of Dalhousie University, to discuss the further cooperation in Running Schools between FAFU and Dalhousie University. He believed that, under the joint efforts of both sides, the two sides have broad prospects of cooperation and development.

It is known that, Dr. David Gray and his entourages would attend the tree planting activities of FAFU during their visit, visit the Haixia Institute of Science and Technology, and Institute of Applied Ecology, and discuss on the relevant issues about the construction of a joint laboratory.

Correspondant/Photogragher: Overseas Education College  Chen Xi

Translator: Zheng Wei

Auditor: Overseas Education College  Lu Yunhai

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