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The Chinese courses set by the Confucius Institute of FAFU at DUT at the two subordinate colleges of Crawford Colleges officially started

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Recently, the Chinese courses set by the Confucius Institute of FAFU at DUT at the two campuses of the famous private Crawford Colleges, Crawford La Lucia and Crawford North Coast, had officially started. There were a total of 65 eighth-grade students following the Chinese courses at the two campuses. Just after a few weeks of training, the Chinese courses were warmly welcomed in the two campuses, and evoked many enthusiasms for learning Chinese.

the Chinese language course  

Since January 2016, Chinese teaching has been integrated into the national basic education system by the government of the South Africa. To meet the increasing demand of learning Chinese by the primary and secondary schools in South Africa, the Confucius Institute of FAFU at DUT and the two campuses of Crawford Colleges have discussed for many times, and finally decided to set up the Chinese courses at both the two campuses of Crawford Colleges, which would offer a new foreign language course to the students, and cultivate their interests in Chinese language and Chinese culture, and increase their understanding of China.

I love the Great Wall in China  

  the dialogue practice in the Chinese courses

Hello, China  

It is known that, the Crawford Colleges have eight campuses all over the country. It is the largest private educational institution. Apart from the Chinese courses, the Confucius Institute of FAFU at DUT will also offer the Chinese culture experience courses such as Chinese dance, Chinese paper-cutting, Chinese Kongfu and so on. Through the three years’ development, besides the Chinese courses for the universities and communities, the number of Chinese teaching sites in the primary, secondary schools and other educational institutions in South Africa has already reached 10 until now with the assistance of the Confucius Institute of FAFU at DUT.


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Translator: Zheng Wei

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