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The team of Prof.Chen Jilong of FAFU published their newest research achievement in the journal of 《The Lancet Infectious Diseases》

  发布时间: 2017-01-09   信息员:

Recently, the team of Prof.Chen Jilong of College of Animal Science of FAFU published online an article on the rabies virus epidemiology titled “Challenges to eliminate rabies virus infection in China by 2020”in the international authoritative academic journal《The Lancet Infectious Diseases》(IF=21.372),a sub-journal of Lancet. The first author of the paper is Chen Ye, lecturer of College of Animal Science Prof.Chen Jilong is the corresponding author, and FAFU is the signature unit of both the first and corresponding authors of the paper.


The article collected extensive information on the rabies virus epidemiology, and analyzed the statistical data of the Chinese people infected with a rabies virus from 2004 to 2014.The authors found that there were two main features in the incidence population infected with a rabies virus in mainland China: the first feature is that the young people of less than 19 years old are more easily infected by the virus, and the second feature is that the farmers living in the suburbs of cities are the most exposed population to the rabies virus. The article analyzed the major causes of this phenomenon, which were also the problems to be overcomed in China for eliminating the rabies. The paper figured out then the relevant suggestions on the prevention and control of rabies.

The journal 《The Lancet Infectious Diseases》is the sub-journal of the series of the international top journal《The Lancet》,had the highest impact factors in the field of the global infectious diseases. It has a high influence among the experts on the epidemiology of animal and human diseases.
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Translator: Zheng Wei

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