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《Genome Biology》published and highlighted the research achievement of the team of Ray Ming on sex chromosome evolution

  发布时间: 2016-12-12   信息员:

Recently, the international renowned academic journal 《Genome Biology》(IF=11.313) published online the newest research achievement of the research team of Ray Ming of Center for Genomics and Biotechnology of Haixia Institute of Science and Technology on sex chromosome evolution. They used the technology and methods of genomics and population genetics to systematically analyze the genetic diversity of nucleotide of X, Y chromosomes and autosomes of wild and domesticated populations of papaya. They also revealed the phenomenon of extremely low genetic diversity of X chromosome caused by a strong selective elimination under the positive selection. The research achievement had very important theoretical significance for revealing the early evolution of the sex chromosomes and accelerating the discovery of the sex-determining genes. It also had an important practical guiding significance for the genetic breeding of papaya.

The photograph: the population structure comparison across the X-linked region and PAR of papaya . Red shows the variations in gynodioecious papaya and blue those for dioecious natural populations.
The research achievement was selected as the highlight of the current issue of 《Genome Biology》. The team of Professor Melissa A. Wilson Sayres of Arizona State University reviewed the research achievement by the article titled “Fruitful analysis of sex chromosomes reveals X-treme genetic diversity”. FAFU was the signature unit of the first author of the paper, and Zhang Jisen, Lin Zhicong, Liao Zhenyang of Center for Genomics and Biotechnology participated in the research.

The article link:
The review article link:


Correspondant/Photogragher:  Haixia Institute of Science and Technology    Ma Xiaokai     Liao Zhenyang

Translator: Zheng Wei

Auditor: Overseas Education College   Lu Yunhai



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