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FAFU Researchers Publish Review Articles in International Core Journals

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FAFU Researchers Publish Review Articles in International Core Journals

April 10, 2014

Recently, two review articles were respectively published in the international journals of Current Opinion in Plant Biology and Journal of Experimental Botany. The article Genomics of Sex Determination published in Current Opinion in Plant Biology reviewed and analyzed genomics basis of plant sex determination and the impact of epigenetic on sex, while the article Genomic analyses of the CAM Plant Pineapple published in Journal of Experimental Botany mainly reviewed genomics research of pineapple and the circulatory genomics for crassulaceae plants. Professor Zhang Jisen, first author of both articles and Professor Ray Ming, corresponding author of both articles are researchers of SIB Joint Center for Genomics and Biotechnology, FAFU.

  The research team led by Prof. Ray Ming first identified papaya sex chromosome in 2004 and published series academic articles in international authoritative journals including Nature, PNAS, Genome Research, and The Plant Journal, etc. In recent years, the members of the research team have been invited to write review articles for periodicals like Current Opinion in Plant Biology (2007 and 2014) and Annual Review of Plant Biology (2011).

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