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Outstanding Scientific Research Achievements Accomplished in 2013

科研处   发布时间: 2014-08-14   信息员:

     FAFU has accomplished great achievements in scientific research in 2013. The lists are as follows:

1. A Key project in the National Science & Technology Program has been approved by the budget review of National Science and Technology Ministry and will be implemented in 2014.

2. FAFU has secured funding from the Key Programs of International Cooperation and Exchange of NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China) for the first time. There are 55 projects sponsored by the NSFC in 2013, which hits a new record.

3. The project “Interaction between Plant Viruses and Insect Vector” won funding from the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars. It is the only program that wins the honor among Fujian provincial universities in 2013, which has also made a breakthrough in the history of FAFU.

4. The innovation team “The Triggering Mechanism and Regulating Strategies of the Major Diseases of Subtropical Rice” is on the list of the Innovation Team Developing Plan released by the Ministry of Education.

5. The establishment of the New Rural Development Institute is approved by the Ministry of Science and Ministry of Education. FAFU is the only university in Fujian Province listed on the plan of developing a higher education research institute of new rural development.

6. The thesis entitled “A Heterozygous Moth Genome Provides Insights into Herbivory and Detoxification” with over 30 Impact Factors was published online in one of the most influential international academic journal Nature Genetics, which consolidates FAFU’s leading position in the research field of diamondback moth genome.

7. Two research findings were awarded with the prize of Outstanding Achievements of Higher Education Scientific Research by Ministry of Education. Four research findings achieved the 10th Fujian Provincial Social Science Research Harvest Award.

8. Fifteen research findings were nominated as Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Award (including cooperation programs). Among them, there are one Significant Contribution Award; 11 Science and Technology Progress Awards and 3 Technological Innovation Awards.

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