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College of Horticulture and HBMC of FAFU published jointly their research achievements on the growth and ripening of strawberry fruit in PNAS

福建农林大学(英文版)   发布时间: 2018-12-05   信息员:

Recently, Chizuko Yamamuro’s research group of College of Horticulture and Horticultural Plant Biology and Metabolomics Center (HBMC) of Haixia Institute of Science and Technology of FAFU published a paper entitled “Interlinked regulatory loops of ABA catabolism and biosynthesis coordinate fruit growth and ripening in woodland strawberry” in PNAS. Liao Xiong, the post-doctoral professor from College of Horticulture, was the first author of the paper. Also working on this research were Associate Professor Yu Xiaomin and Professor Liu Renyi from HBMC. Using the diploid woodland strawberry cultivar “Yellow Wonder” as experiment materials, the researchers uncovered the molecular mechanism of interactions between auxin, gibberellic acid (GA), and abscisic acid (ABA) that regulate the process of fruit development and maturity.

the screenshot of the paper 


  the illustration of the paper

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Correspondant/Photogragher: the Haixia Institute of Science and Technology 

Translator: College of Humanities and Law  Xiong Mengjie

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