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Center for Genomics and Biotechnology of HIST published a review paper on Pineapple Genome Research in《Trends in Genetics》

  发布时间: 2016-10-01   信息员:

The Center for Genomics and Biotechnologyof Haixia Institute of Science and Technology of FAFU published a review article titled “Pineapple Genome: A Reference for Monocots and CAM Photosynthesis” in the journal《Trends in Genetics》, a subordinate serial of 《Cell》. This paper summarized the characteristics of pineapple genome and its research prospectives. Professor Ming Rui guang was both the first and corresponding author. 

The paper included the following five parts:
1. Pineapple domestication is mainly through the selection of beneficial somatic mutations.
2. Pineapple genome is the important reference genome of the monocotyledons.
3. The regulation of diurnal rhythm of photosynthesis in pineapple.
4. The origin of the cis-regulatory element of circadian clock of the crassulacean acid photosynthetic gene in the pineapple genome.
5. The future research direction of the pineapple genome.


Correspondant/Photogragher: Haixia Institute of Science and Technology   Zhang Jisen

Translator: College of Liberal Arts and Law   Fan Rongqin

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