Wuyi Mountains


WuyiMountains, a fairly land on earth,  is located in the north of FujianProvince. It is the most beautiful place in  Southeast of China. WuYi Mountain belonging to the red rock relief, which have  changed over thousands of years is well known for its green water and red  mountains. There are many funny the Nine Twist stream, thirty-six peaks,  seventy-two caves and ninety-nine rock formations.

In 1999,WuyiMountains city  became one of the world nature and culture Heritage site. It has many honorable  names such as the world natural and culture heritage site: the State key scenic  area State key nature Reserve; the National Tourist Resort Area; the  StateFirstRateAirHarbour, the world’ Human& Biosphere Preserve. It has  beautiful Scenery, a galaxy of culture, Many historical sites and abundant  resources.

The natural preserve is  located in the western part of the WuyiMountains Which is maintained the most  complete, typical and largest mid-subtropical pristine forest ecological system.  It was praised by the bio-scientists both at home and aboard as “the world of  insects”, “the world biological bank” “the paradise of the birds” “the kingdom  of snakes”.

It also has the long-term  regional culture such as tea culture, religious culture, folk culture and  tourist culture, rock-carved calligraphies and poems left by famous scholars in  history

A newly opened great canon  ecological park is in the center of Wuyi Mountains, Tourists can enjoy forest,  canyon, waterfalls, stream and drifting. It is a good place for people to return  to the nature and enjoy the beauty of life.

Transportation to Wuyi  Mountains is very convenient You can go there by plane, by bus or by train. .The  tourist industry become stronger and stronger.Millions of visitors come to WuyiMountains  each year and enjoy themselves.

As a Chinese saying goes:  famous mountains produce famous tea. Wuyi Mountains has a long history and  international fame in producing WuYiRock(belongs to oolong Tea). For example the  big red robe tea, can only grow on the cliff of the nine dragon Valley of WuYi  and has a high reputation both at home and abroad.


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