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The Director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka came to FAFU to discuss cooperation issues

福建农林大学(英文版)   发布时间: 2018-01-02   信息员:

On December 19th&20th, Nanda Gunawardhana, Director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka, was invited to visit FAFU to discuss the establishment of a Confucius Institute, exchanges of teachers and students between the two universities, jointly carrying out the academic research, and other related cooperation issues. In the afternoon of the 19th, President Lan Siren met with Dr. Nanda in the second Meeting Room of Mingde Building.The persons in charge of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Office of Humanities and Social Sciences, Overseas Education College, College of Liberal Arts and Law and other units, and Chinese Director of Confucius Institute of FAFU at Durban attended the meeting.

President Lan Siren firstly on behalf of FAFU welcomed the arrival of Dr. Nanda, and briefly introduced the basic information of FAFU to the foreign side. In his introduction, he said that China was actually actively promoting the construction of the “The Belt and Road”. Sri Lanka was one of the important nodes of the “Maritime Silk Road”. It was also a strategic point in the Indian Ocean and has a long history of friendly cooperation with China. The two universities had a broad prospect of cooperation in jointly establishing a Confucius Institute, providing the technical aids, and carrying out the inter-school exchanges, etc.FAFU must firmly focus on the major needs of the country and the region, and rely on its preponderant disciplines and specialties to promote its cooperation and exchanges with University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka, and actively contribute to the construction of the “The Belt and Road ”.
Dr. Nanda briefly introduced the disciplines and history of the University of Peradeniya. He said that in recent years,the university has been actively shifting its focus of international cooperation to Southeast Asia; in particular, it hoped to strengthen its cooperation with Chinese institutions and universities.The two sides also further exchanged views on such cooperation issues as the joint establishment ofa Confucius Institute, exchangesof teachers and students, and jointly carrying out the academic research.Afterwards, Dr. Nanda further discussed the promotion of exchange of students and the joint establishment of a Confucius Institute and other topics in depth with Overseas Education College and College of Liberal Arts and Law respectively.
In the morning of the 20th, Dr. Nanda also visited China National Engineering Research Center of Juncao Technology, College of Crop Science, College of Management College of Tourism, and understoodthe basic information of the relevant units ofFAFU. During the visit, he also discussed the issues ofhow to strengthenthe technical assistance, jontly carry out the research cooperation and exchangethe teachers and students between the two sides, etc., with these units of FAFU,respectively.
University of Peradeniya is the oldest and largest comprehensive public university in Sri Lanka.It is located in Kandy, with 9 departments, 2graduate schools, 10 centers and 73 faculties, ranked the second in the national comprehensive university ranking.


Correspondant/Photogragher:  Office of International Cooperation and Exhcange

Translator: College of Humanities and Law   Su Xiao Fang

Auditor: Overseas Education College  Lu Yunhai  

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