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FAFU held the Third International Cultural Festival“The Belt and Road Initiatives -the Colorful FAFU”

福建农林大学(英文版)   发布时间: 2017-12-19   信息员:

On December 9th, the FAFU’s Third International Cultural Festival was opened in Tuohuang Square. The theme is “the Belt and Road Initiatives, the Colorful FAFU”. It is sponsored by Office of International Cooperation and Exchange and Youth League Committee of FAFU. It aims to provide a platform for FAFU’s Chinese and international students to present their diverse cultures and talents, and further promote the diversified development and integration of campus culture.  

on the spot of the activity

Food-Tasting Activities  

The activity was lively, divided into five sections, including the Chinese Traditional Culture Students’ Associations’ Campus Fair, the World Ethnic Culture Exhibition and the Chinese and Foreign Food-Tasting Activities, the Sino-foreign Concert, the Finals of Greatest Chefs and the Graphic Exhibition of Achievements of Sino-foreign Cooperation in Education. Students could get a free ticket fromthe Traditional Chinese Culture Students’ Associations’ Campus Fair. After watching the Graphic Exhibition of Achievements of Sino-foreign Cooperation in Education, participating in the related activities of the 5 associations and getting the stamps, they could get each a“food passport”. They could enjoy the hand-made delicacy made by both the Chinese and foreign students at the World Ethnic Culture Exhibition and the Chinese and Foreign Food-Tasting Area. For exemples, the Thai papaya salad, Nepal's carrot pudding, Pakistani chicken curry, Vegetarian Association’s tofu, Greatest Chefs’ various cuisines ... Finally, the foods made by the foreign students, such as Palestine, Nepal and Pakistan, were awarded the Most Popular Foods, based on the number of times tasted by the students.


the Sino-foreign Concert

In the Sino-foreign Concert, Chinese and international students presented their performances succesively:singing and dancing, martial arts, instrumental music performances and so on. The shows of Han Chinese clothing and tea art wonhearty rounds of applause. The improvisation of the international students in front of the stands was equally brilliant. The students enjoyed the Chinese and foreign foods while singing and dancing in front of the tents.

took a group photo

David, an international student from Benin, said: I really enjoy the World Ethnic Culture Exhibition and the Chinese and Foreign Food-Tasting Activities, as well asthe Sino-foreign students’Concert. There are many kinds of delicious foods and I enjoyed eating the cuisines. People are very hospitable to us and I hope FAFU would host more similar activities in the future. We really like growing up with Chinese students and enjoy such international cultural activities.”

It is learned that the Third International Cultural Festival will also enable more Chinese and international students to participate in cross-cultural exchanges and exhibitions through the Chinese Bridge Competition, IIEC World Youth Saying, and Selfies of the Studying abroad Way, etc., to share the achievements of “the Belt and Road Initiatives” and the internationalized education of FAFU.


Correspondant: Youth League Committee Lin Xiqiang Ouyang Jiayuan

Photogragher:Graduate Union Student Union

Translator: College of Humanities and Law Su Xiaofang

Auditor: Overseas Education College Lu Yunhai



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